Concrete Pool Deck Contractors in Hialeah, FL

Swimming pools are often a main attraction in Florida, where residents take advantage of year-round moderate temperatures and the 128 days of sunshine. Over time, swimming and sunbathing can take a toll on your pool deck and even the best cement surfaces crack after years of expansion and contraction. If you are noticing fractured, chipped or stained areas, now may be the perfect opportunity to start a pool project with our concrete pool deck contractors in Hialeah, FL!

Our Pool Deck Services

Resurfacing is one of the industries best, low-maintenance solutions for your outdoor living. Instead of removing your existing deck, we add a thin layer of cement on top of concrete. We can also customize the look that you want by stamping, coloring, spraying or stenciling. Not only will it change the look of the pool deck’s surface, it will also help retain and strengthen the old concrete slab, thus, saving time, energy, and money! The benefits of pool deck resurfacing is that is it economical, durable, eye-pleasing, and low-maintenance. We also offer refinishing or resealing. If your surface is in good condition and just needs a protective coating, we can reseal it for you. We also specialize in crack repair. A lot of the times, your pool can get worn out due to rain or the concrete could wear off over time, but using our Sundek Classic Texture system, we make it possible. After we open up cracks and fill them with flexible joint sealant, we add Custom Scoreline Effects that incorporate cracks into a custom pattern and your pool deck is as good as new!

Don’t Put Up With an Ugly, Unsafe Pool Deck!

Call the professionals at Atlas Concrete & Pavement Inc and get your pool deck looking as good as new! Don’t take the risk of an unsafe or an unsightly pool deck! We can fix it to keep your family and friends safe with a new beautiful pool deck. Let us help you with your next pool deck needs! Call us, the best concrete pool deck contractors in Hialeah, FL!

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Concrete Pool Deck Contractors in Hialeah, FL