Trends in Pool Decks

Pool decks have come a long way from plain concrete. There are many different designs and types of material that you could have on your pool deck. Heck, you could even customize the designs you want! Many people take advantage of the summer time to upgrade their pool deck for many reasons, but the main reason is to replace their pool deck.

Concrete Decks

Having a concrete pool deck has many benefits such as a number of finish options and especially the durability. The most popular trend is the colored concrete finish because the beautiful designs you could add as well as the aesthetic you could add.

Engraved Decks

Engraved decks are engraved to create stone shapes, leaves, vines or any type of intricate pattern. Engraving is also used to create water drain channels on concrete pool decks with poor drainage.

Stamped Concrete

While the concrete is still wet, large rubber stamps are placed and pressed to form stone shapes, brick patterns, even pine plank imprints. Dozens of patterns to choose from, with colors chosen to match the material that is being simulated.

Patio Pavers

A paver pool deck uses interlocking patio pavers made of colored concrete, usually in shades of brown or red. Pavers are installed on a 1″ bed of polymer sand, over top of 6″ of stone dust, or other sturdy sub-deck. Heavier pavers are used around the outside deck edge to hold it all together.

To sum up, pool deck choices are numerous and if you’d like to upgrade your pool’s look, give us a call! We can easily transform your pool deck to look amazing and ready for the summer!

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