Spring Cleaning for Your Concrete

Spring cleaning is finally here! How about cleaning your concrete? It is important to make sure that all of the concrete at your home is looking and functioning at its best. With the warm Florida weather, spring and summer will bring high feet traffic as people start to get out to have some fun in the sun. Don’t put off your concrete repairs and cleaning! You don’t want people tripping and falling on your concrete steps or driveway because it’s in bad shape. Not only is it a liability, but it’s preventable. Make your spring concrete cleaning a priority!

Gaps & Cracks

The contracting water that comes along with winter ice can cause concrete to crack and break, which could then cause a safety hazard. Repairs to concrete this time of year range from smaller years ones, like repairing cracks in the concrete using a grinding and caulking technique to some larger problems. Gaps that forms between where your residential concrete meets bricks or a similar type of material.

Pouring And Curing Concrete By Seasons

Spring – Proper concrete installment or renovation can be completed successfully. With the threat of freezing temperatures gone, the only consideration during spring which may affect concrete badly is rain. During spring, the best way to set concrete quickly and uniformly is to use chemical set accelerators as well as special curing practices such as plastic sheeting, surface evaporative control agents etc.

Summer – The hot and humid summer requires a special use of admixtures to extend the set time. Therefore, hydration stabilizers and water reducers are a common choice when installing concrete and making sure of its proper durability. In these hot and humid days, the best way to finish an exterior concrete project is to do a quick placement with plastic sheeting to prevent the concrete from any sudden rainfall and sprayers to apply the evaporative control chemicals.

Fall – Fall may be the most stable weather condition for pouring exterior concrete. With a low humidity and warm days with cool nights, the placement and curing practices on concrete should also include the use of curing compounds and cure-and-seal chemicals with special blankets.

Winter – We already talked about the special treatment of concrete in winter above, with all the equipment needed and the recommended way to pour and cure concrete accordingly.

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